"Taking your business to higher places."

About Us

Our Company

Plan B Energy is a renewable energy company specializing in the planning, development, and management of rooftop solar power projects.

Our Mission

To combine our passion, expertise, and business savvy with that of our stakeholders to deliver clean energy, practically and profitably.

Our Motto

Isn’t it time to go to Plan B?

We know that fighting climate change and reducing the environmental impact of energy consumption is important. We also know that diversifying Ontario’s energy supply mix through rooftop solar projects is a powerful, proven, practical, and profitable way to participate in Ontario’s economic development.

Our management team has extensive knowledge and experience in solar electricity – not just the technology, but the business opportunity behind it – which is what makes them so passionate about its potential. Now, and years from now.

Partnering with Plan B Energy is a real business opportunity; and, the time is now to explore your commercial solar power potential. Contact us today.