"Do something new while still doing what you know."

How it can work for you.

Your roof is real estate too. And if it’s not currently being used, then we can all agree that it is the largest, most under-utilized, lease-able space you currently own.

Since your roof is our place of business, why not lease it to us?

We want to be your new flagship tenant!

Though we’ll be your rooftop tenant – we’ll be a tenant just the same while using your rooftop to generate solar electricity through the installation of our photovoltaic system.

A 20-year lease agreement, guaranteed.

20 years is the contract term at which the power purchase agreements are being offered for rooftop solar projects by the Ontario Power Authority. This makes our commitment to you a stable, predictable, mutually beneficial, long-term business relationship.

You incur no upfront costs.

Our rooftop projects earn you extra revenue. Plan B Energy assumes all of the start-up costs in preparing the rooftop for solar electricity generation including assessments, permits, insurance, construction, and installation. Afterwards, we continue to operate and maintain the system for the 20-year lease term.

It’s business as usual.

Welcoming Plan B Energy to your premises is fairly similar to taking on any new occupant. There’s the lease agreement, the planning and coordination of our occupancy, and the commitments we’ll share as landlord and tenant.

So the question is:

Are your premises suited to fill your rooftop vacancy?

Since our installation is tailored to your available square footage, this quick checklist will help us further determine if your site is suitable for rooftop solar. Your building should:

  • Be located in Ontario.
  • Have a flat roof, capable of supporting additional weight.
  • Not be shaded by trees or towering buildings.
  • Have only minimal rooftop obstructions.
  • Have a minimum of 30,000 square feet of available roof space.

If your site meets the preliminary criteria, or if you’re unsure – let’s explore your potential together. To discuss the eligibility of your site or to schedule a site visit, please contact us now at info@plan-b-energy.com.

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