"Getting comfortable with solar."

How it works.

Ontario has made the economy a little greener by making it easier for commercial and industrial real estate owners like you to participate in renewable energy projects like rooftop solar. How? By partnering with a trusted renewable energy company like Plan B Energy.

This opportunity has been made possible through the legislation of the Green Energy Act and the resulting Feed-in Tariff program; designed to encourage renewable energy production in Ontario in order to:

  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions,
  • strengthen our energy system, and
  • create a new generation of clean tech jobs for our economy.

So what is solar technology, exactly?

Solar technology, or photovoltaic (PV) technology in our case, is a system which converts sunlight into electricity.

How does PV work?

  • Individual solar cells are combined into photovoltaic modules (or panels) which are connected together to form an array.
  • These arrays are then connected to an inverter which converts the Direct Current (DC) energy that is generated by solar irradiation into Alternating Current (AC) energy, i.e., usable electricity.
  • The electricity that is produced is purchased by the local power utility.
  • The local utility can then deliver that power to neighbouring businesses or residences for consumption where it is needed, thus easing the burden on the grid when power is in peak demand.

How is it deployed?

As the name implies,rooftop solar utilizes the unused, un-leased space of existing commercial and industrial buildings – the roof.

So, if you’re a landlord or a commercial or industrial building owner looking for a new way to gain more from your property investment, you can now use ALL of your available square footage to its maximum potential with Plan B Energy.