"Power your long-term success."

Why it can work with us.

While the concept of leasing your roof space might be new to you, there’s no denying that it’s a viable way of using what you already have (your roof) to realize new revenue with Plan B Energy.

Just like you, we’re business people first.

We’ve been at the forefront of solar in Ontario and we can turn our experience in the business of renewable energy into strategic partnerships for profit. Yours. And ours.

We know rooftop solar because that’s all we do.

From managing the municipal and provincial approval process, engineering your site-specific solution, procuring the necessary hardware to installing a solar panel system on your available roof space and maintaining that system thereafter–we approach our rooftop occupancy with integrity to promote the continued well-being of our partnership.

We want to grow Ontario’s economy greener.

Though the very nature of solar photovoltaic projects credits us with combating climate change and sustaining Ontario’s energy consumption, we believe it’s important that a rooftop solar project in Ontario truly benefits the Ontario economy.

This is why the majority of our total project costs are spent on businesses and individuals in Ontario; from sourcing material to partnering with the right engineering, construction, and PV maintenance talent.

Leasing your roof space to Plan B Energy means you engage local expertise and ensure your premises receive local management attention for a true win-win business partnership.

Visit our FAQ section to learn more. Or, to further explore your commercial solar power potential contact us now at info@plan-b-energy.com.