"Why solar, why now?"

Why solar now?

The Green Energy Act will serve as a roadmap for Ontario’s green economic future. We like to think of it as the government’s own Plan B initiative towards combating climate change and securing economic development now, and years from now.

By 2014, coal-fired generation in Ontario will be a thing of the past. And the province is already using, and will continue to use, renewable energy resources like photovoltaics to meet electricity demands because of:

  • the need to fill the energy gap created by the removal of coal-fired generation;
  • it’s ever-growing dependence on electricity and the need to meet that demand;
  • the need to increase its economic competitiveness; and
  • the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Rooftop solar is regarded as an environmentally stable power source. Here are some benefits at-a glance:

  • It can be installed quickly.
  • It has zero emissions.
  • It has low noise.
  • It requires little maintenance.
  • It’s efficient.
    (the electricity it produces is used where it’s needed: on-site or by the grid; meeting an immediate electricity need).
  • No need for costly transmission infrastructure.
    (Transmission constraints are currently limiting the number of large-scale renewable projects that can go forward. Rooftop solar does not face this barrier because power is produced closer to where it is being consumed therefore the benefits of implementation can be realized sooner.)
  • Photovoltaic technology is proven in performance and availability.
  • Solar irradiation is predictable.
  • Creates a relatively easy way to enter the renewable energy market for a unique power-generating opportunity for a long period of time.

We realize there are many questions you may have about how you can benefit from a rooftop solar installation. We’d be happy to discuss your commercial solar power potential with you today.